Sliding Door Fittings, Roller Shutters

Hafele Functionality: Getting the best from your furniture

The Häfele furniture sliding door fitting range offers you all types of applications with – timber doors, glass doors and aluminium framed doors. Our sliding door fittings specifically designed and developed to suit the most stringent requirements.


Häfele provides endless possibilities with door functionality – while our efficient range of hinge and door controller systems gives you the possibility of hanging and operating hinged doors, we also offer a magnitude of possibilities for sliding doors with our holistic range of sliding systems.

Apart from the obvious aesthetic appeal that sliding doors represent, they also carry a host of functional benefits like ease of accessibility, floor-space efficiency and most importantly, the realization of wide openings.

Häfele’s range of sliding systems is divided into two broad categories – systems for architectural applications (i.e. internal and external doors – be it wooden, glass or profiled doors) and systems for furniture applications (i.e. cabinets, wardrobes and other such units).

Both these categories offer you various installation applications like straight sliding, sliding-folding or synchromotion sliding. Our systems can be customized to your specific requirement and provide the essentials for any imaginable application.

Roller Shutters are highly efficient door systems which can be used in numerous applications both horizontally and vertically. Häfele enhances contemporary kitchen designing with its range of Roller Shutter Systems. These roller shutters simply spell elegance, shout functionality and can easily become the focal point of your kitchen. They leave your kitchen transformed and reward it with the luxury of space. The range ensures easy workability, smooth motion and unhindered access to the storage items while you work.

Sliding Timber Door Fittings
- Classic Sliding door system

- EKU Regal A 25 H-VF

- Silent 30 VF AA

- EKU Combino L 40-VF/U 50-VF

- Hawa Antea 50-80VF

- Automatic sliding door system

- Ultra Sliding door system

Sliding Glass Door Fittings
- Design 10 IF

Sliding Door Fittings
- Aluminium frame door fittings

- Design 50 VF AB ALU

- Design 80 VF ALU

- Sliding door system

- Soft closing system for sliding doors

- Planofit Straightening fitting

Folding Sliding Door Fittings
- Silent Fold 20/A

- Fold 20 VF 4T

- Fold 40 MF/VF flex

- Fold 40 MF/VF 1T

Vertical Sliding Door Fittings
- Vertico 16 VF

- Vertico 30 VF

- Vertico 16 VF SW

- Vertico 20 VF

Pivot Sliding Door Fittings

- Ultra 20 Swing fittings

- Ultra 50 Swing Door opening mechanism

- Eclipse Ex Pivot sliding door fitting

- HAWA Concepta Pivot sliding door fitting

Roller Shutters
- Tambour door system

- Counterbalancing mechanism