Table and Furniture base Fittings

Häfele Functionality: Getting the best from your modern home

Häfele offers a furniture base fittings range which is comprehensive with many different designs for almost every solution. The modern contemporary designs, ideal for today’s functionality furniture. Modern furnishings and furniture fulfill a purpose and are supposed to bring optimum benefit. Therefore ideas and concepts must be developed. Häfele fitting technology has become an innovation factor in furniture production and is extremely important for the valuation of furniture.


Furniture Feet
- Aluminium

- Stainless steel

- Steel

Furniture Glides
- Plastic

- Felt

- Self adhesive

Plinth adjusting Fittings
- Adjusting screw

- Plinth adjusting fittings

- Accessories

- Plinth adjusting fitting system

Furniture Castors
- Furniture and equipment castors

- Double furniture castors

- Heavy duty castors with soft running surface

Table Fittings
- Corner brace

- Folding table fittings

- Table fittings for extending tables

- Table connector

- Extension and pull out fittings

- Table leg fittings and accessories

Table Legs and Table Bases
- Table legs

- Table frames and bases