Festool is the solution to the specific needs of professionals.

Over 75 years, Festool tools are different from other manufacturers with the ability to meet the specific needs of customers. Because we know the nature of problems and the situation that customers have encountered. We develop and manufacture equipment which met the requirements to make a name "The tools with hard work"
At present, Festool provides a variety of products to serve non-stop requirements. Whether the answer to meet the needs of basic operations such as sawing, sanding, drilling or extraction, Festool is one of the leading brands for professional trusted.
With the privilege of our special technology and combined with the great design from Festool, we are proud to be part of your job is easy and effective.

Sawing, routing, drilling: in any woodworking task which requires absolute precision. Festool tools will give you superlative results. That is why professionals have for decades put their trust in the proven quality and versatility of our machines. Practical accessories enable these tools to be used for any demanding application, and Festool mobile dust extractors make clean work of all joinery and carpentry jobs.

Anyone who prizes top quality surfaces on wood, metal, solid surface or other materials is faced with a difficult choice: between all the highly engineered sanders and polishers offered by Festool. Together with a fully compatible system of accessories, abrasives and optimised components, every single tool brings you greater costeffectiveness, quality and efficiency. Because a perfect substrate means less annoying re-finishing work later. Saving you time and money.

From preparation to finishing: Festool is one of the most innovative companies in the automotive marketplace. Our customers know that and value the advantages of receiving all tools, sanding and polishing equipment from a single source. Tools and equipment that are designed for flexible and efficient fitting-out of any operation, from a small shop through to industrial production facilities. And if you have requirements which are truly out of the ordinary, we’ll find a solution for that too.