Tooling, Screws and Consumables

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This Range is of specially selected products for the woodworker, joiner, facilities and maintenance worker. This specialisation is a definite advantage, application oriented technology and complex design features which lead to perfect results and make your work easier.

Screws and Consumables
- HOSPA Chipboard screw with countersunk head

- HOSPA Chipboard screw with raised head

- HOSPA Pan head chipboard screw

- Decking screw

- Shims

- Dry wall screw

- VARIANTA Special screw

- Screw with M4 thread

- Flat head screw

- Hanger bolt

- Hexagon nut

- Cover cap

- Sleeve

- Wall plug

- Hanger

- Retouching pen

- Wax assortment

- Screw clamp

- Bit and bit box

- Tool

- Accessories

- Protective equipment

- Hotmelt

Glass Gluing Fittings
- Glass door hinge

- Glass door pivot hinge

- Glass shelf support

- Furniture knob

- Adapter

- Cable outlet

- CAM cam lock

- Magnetic catch

- Barrel bolt