Connector Technology, Shelf Supports


Furniture connectors represent furniture functionality by connecting planks of wood and giving a piece of furniture shape, function and life!

Häfele’s Minifix connector is a patented technology and comes with years of research and technical expertise   behind it. It consists of two parts: a plastic or zinc cam and a steel or composite bolt that conduct the ‘fastening   function’. Optional cover caps and dowels are also available. Häfele’s range of connectors includes Minifix connectors, Maxifix connectors, Slimfix connectors, pushfix connectors, Rafix connectors and honey comb panel connectors. These connectors are very robust with  euro threading and machine threading which provide better grip to hold the panels.

Häfele also brings to you shelf supports which are available for wood as well as glass. These shelf supports are available in zinc alloy, plastic, steel and nickel plated finishes.

Carcase Connectors
- Adhesive socket Aerofix 100

- TAP 20 HC


- HC Shelf supports

- MINIFIX Carcase connectors and connecting bolts

- TAB 18

- MAXIFIX Carcase connectors and connecting bolts

- RONDORFIX Carcase connectors and connecting bolts

- TAB 18 Shelf connectors





- RV



- MAXIFIX 35 Worktop connectors

Connection Fittings

- MODULAR Connection fittings

- Two-piece dowel connector

- Connecting screws, sleeves and nuts

- Wood dowels and biscuits

- CLAMEX Carcase connector

- Connecting brackets

- KEKU Suspension fittings

- Bed fittings

Shelf Supports
- Shelf supports

- Glass shelf supports

- Shelf support systems

- Shelf supports for invisible installation

- Shelf supports with clamps

- Glass shelves

- Brackets