Built-in Ovens

Häfele range of built-in electric and combi microwave ovens offer you a host of contemporary cooking options; making your cooking experience recreational and fun!

Grilling, baking, steaming or heating are only a few among the host of the cooking functions available in our range of built-in ovens under the Häfele series. Microwave cooking with Häfele range of ovens is now not only quick and healthy but with its new, improved technology cooking is now also more precise as it is electronically regulated. What’s more is that with our model of combi-ovens you can now enjoy the utility of grilling and convection cooking from the same appliance!

The range of electric ovens come in combinations of 5 till 11 independent cooking functions to choose from; what’s more is that this smart range now allows you to save your cooking settings for repeated cycles. Made of high grade stainless steel, these ovens are highly durable and look elegant, adding a classy, futuristic look to your kitchens!

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Built-in Oven

- Built-in Oven

- PYRO Built-in Oven

- Multifunction Built-in Oven

Built-in Microwave

- Built-in Microwave

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