Kitchen Fittings

Häfele Functionality: Getting the best from your kitchen

All of our kitchen products bring you an easy lifestyle that create a quality to your family environment. With our innovative technically perfect environmentally friendly and stylish products. Häfele aims to become a one stop service and the definition of perfect kitchen design.


At Häfele, we understand how important your kitchen is to you. It really is the heart of your home, and should be designed for every aspect of life. This understanding is behind all our kitchen fittings and accessories. We know what you need from your kitchen, and every item is designed with you in mind.

Our innovative storage solutions help you organize your kitchen necessities the way you want to. Be it bulky food items or cooking vessels or even the day-to-day essentials; there is now an organized space available from Hafele for everything you need in your kitchen.  Complete these innovative storage spaces with elegant and sturdy work-top surfaces and make your kitchen a pleasure to use, every day.

 Storage Fittings 
 Drawers & Drawer Inserts
 Hanging Cabinets & Accessories
 Railing & Wall Mount Storage Systems
 Waste Bins
 Sinks & Water Taps
 Table Legs & Extensions
 Frontal Covers