Door Hinges

Whatever type of door hinge you're looking for, you'll find it at Häfele. Select from high quality butt hinges, concealed mortise hinges, continuous hinges, drill in hinges and spring hinges.

Butt hinges

Lift-off hinge 

Rising hinge

Standard hinge

Security stud hinge

Cranked hinge

Parliament hinge

Spring hinge

Accessories for hinges

Heavy duty hinge 

Double action spring hinge

Concealed hinges

Concealed mortise hinge

Pivot door hinge

Concealed mortise hinge, non adjustable

Concealed mortise hinge, 2D adjustable

Concealed mortise hinge, 3D adjustable

Concealed mortise hinge TECTUS 

Mounting plate  

Hinge receiver 

Drill-in hinges

Drill-in hinge

Screw-on pocket

Accessories for drill-in hinges

Decorative sleeve StarTec