Door Handles

Häfele presents a contemporary range of lever handles by Hoppe (Germany), Cassina (Italy), Startec (Germany) and more which are preferred by architects and interior designers all over the world. These world class handles are artistically sculpted into exquisite designs and are available in a variety of elegant finishes in order to appeal to one’s aesthetic sense and also provide complete functionality. The range encompasses handles made from a variety of materials like stainless steel, aluminium, brass and zinc alloy – each material having unique properties that suit specific environments.

We have a special range of Coastal series lever handles made of stainless steel grade 316, that are most suitable in adverse corrosive environmental conditions, with the promise of unmatched durability. Our holistic offering in lever handles flatters an assortment of settings and yet, caters to individual preferences.

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Lever Handles - KILIMANJARO

Lever Handles - MONT BLANC

Lever Handles - RINJANI

Lever Handles - EVEREST

Lever Handles - ZUGSPITZE

Lever Handles - VELINO

Pull Handles - FUJI

Grip Handles - MATTERHORN

Lever Handles - HOPPE

Lever Handles - CASSINA

Lever and Pull Handles - FSB