Door Closers

Häfele offers door closer systems for any type of door with a range of individual setting options. From the smallest overhead door closer to the multi-faceted variations for use with fire and smoke protection doors:

The door closer ranges with link arm or guide rails offer a range of combination options to meet every requirement.

Overhead position door closers
- Door closer StarTec

- Door closer GEZE

- Rebate Door closer

- Concealed door closer StarTec

- Concealed door closer GEZE

- Electric door operator GEZE

- Transom door closer StarTec

- Overhead sliding door closer for lightweight sliding doors

Floor springs
- Floor spring StarTec

- Floor spring GEZE

- Accessories GEZE

- Heavy duty floor spring

- Accessories

Door closers accessories
- Door selector

- Door co-ordinator

- Magnetic door clamp with integrated circuit GEZE

- Magnetic door clamp basic model GEZE

- Magnetic door clamp floor mounting GEZE

- Magnetic door clamp wall mounting GEZE

- Counterplates GEZE